This website is created with the open source enterprise content management system TYPO3. The system is known for use in larger corporations like Dassault Systèmes or Congstar and furthermore in universities like in Vienna, Münster, Osnabrück etc. The creation and maintenance of a TYPO3 system was too expensive for small and often also for medium-sized companies. Because of the lack of expertise of some agencies, the price-performance ratio often did not match. In my opinion, this unjustifiably led many companies to distance themselves from TYPO3 CMS in recent years. In order to be able to use TYPO3 professionally in

a productive environment, the comprehensive expert knowledge of TypoScript and the template engine Fluid is of crucial importance. The learning and mastering takes time, this will be quickly realized by looking at the documentation of TYPO3. As it is common in many areas of everyday life, the saying quality has its price also applies here. From the point of view of a developer, who has to acquire all the expertise over the years and get certified regularly, and his customers, who get a high-quality software. I, as well as many others of the TYPO3 community worldwide, work hard every day to make TYPO3 CMS available to all companies in a professional and affordable way.